Care Agencies


CQC Regulations

Article 15.3 of CQC's 'Domiciliary Care - National Minimum Standards' document, for security in the home state that:

"Identity cards are provided for all care and support staff entering the home of service users. The cards should display:

  • A photograph of the member of staff
  • The name of the person and employing organisation in large print
  • the contact number of the organisation
  • Date of issue and an expiry date which should not exceed 36 months from the date of issue.

The cards should be:

  • Available in large print for people with visual disabilities
  • laminated or otherwise tamper proof"

positivID cards meet and exceed all of these criteria:

    • Photograph: positivID can print larger than passport sized photos on to the cards, even when the picture is a small passport photo.  All passport photos received are scanned and digitally stored and the originals are returned to you.
    • Large Print: Our software will print these details in bold text, as large as possible in the space available, and will automatically make sure that longer names or details fit in.
    • Issue/Expiry Dates: We can set up any expiry period with in this allowance (e.g. 1 year, 1 1/2 years, 6 months), and the issue date can either be specified by you, or be the date that we print the card.
    • Large Print:  We can produce an exact duplicate card onA5 laminated paper.
    • Tamper Proof:  Our PVC cards melt the image and details into the top layer of the credit-card style plastic cards so any tampering is immediately obvious, where as laminated cards are easily changed.  For added security many extra features can be added to our cards, such as; signature strips, extra 'watermarked' pictures, overprinting, holograms and holofoils, etc.

We can design the ID Card to conform with your organisations colour schemes and styles.

Some Examples: